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Destiny Christian Church went solar with 999kW solar system the equivalent of 166 solar homes.

Installation Method

This is how we installed the system at Destiny Christian Church's roof

Solar Racking

A unique non penetrating rooftop solar  installation


The high efficiency solar panels were connected in series. Here are some of the details.

Working at night

Our team started to worked at the end of each til sunrise to allow roofing and HVAC contractor work during the day

Electrical Load Center

The String Inverters

The church solar project:

The solar panels were installed on TPO flat roof on the community center, a former Wal-Mart store. We installed a non penetrating solar support structure. The system is monitored over the web 24/7.

Non penetrating

This system is sitting on the roof with ballasts that do not exceed 5 pound per square foot.

25 year warranty

The solar panels include a 25 year production warranty from the manufacturer.

24/7 Monitoring

The electricity generation of the solar system can be monitored with your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.

K12 Energy K12 Solar

Solar Project Figures

Some facts about the solar system

K12 Energy Solar


of solar electricity is estimated to generate in first 12 months

The system was designed to generate 1,359,000  kWh during its first year of operation.


Solar System Size

The total system capacity is 999kWp, and it required PG&E to upgrade the size of the street transformer.


SMA Inverters

The system includes SMA STP-30000TL 480V. SMA is one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world.


Number of solar panels

The solar system includes 2,814 high efficiency LG 355 S2W - A5 solar panels.

Destiny Christian Church Project Photo Gallery

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