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PG&E Service Center

View the photos and videos of this commercial solar facade and tracking carport canopy designed and built for the 2nd largest electric company in U.S. by the founders of K12 Energy.

The PG&E solar architectural facade & tracking carport / canopy

The solar panels were installed on the service center facade facing south and on the roof. The rest of the panels were installed in solar tracking carport.


A show piece for the second largest investor owned utility in the country.

Solar Waterfall

Maximizing the roof and facade creating a solar waterfall effect.


The structural engineers were key in designing the attachments to the facade an roof.

K12 Energy K12 Solar

PG&E Architectural Facade Solar Project Photo Gallery

A Carport that Follows the Sun

We designed a single axis tracker carport that follows the sun. The columns and beam were powder coated to combat rust given its proximity to the ocean

Folows the Sun

The carport follows the sun from eat to west. When the sun raises the panels face east and end the day facing west.

Shaded Parking

Providing employees shaded parking is a great perk

K12 Energy K12 Solar

Powder Coated Paint

The carport structure was painted black and powder coated to protect it from rust over the years

Maximizing parking space

The parking lot lost very few parking spaces.

Timelapse of the solar panels following the sun from east to west

Some of our customers

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