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Solar For Churches

No upfront cost, no loans, just savings...

Join the long list of religious institutions that have joined this great program. For most nonprofits, the second largest expense after salaries is the electric bill. Reduce that bill to nearly zero with our Pay as you Go program, where your organization can capture indirectly the Federal Tax Credit for solar.

No Upfront Cost

 Under the Pay As You Go program, we invest and build the solar system at your church. We may even include shaded parking. Once the system is up and running you simply pay for the power generated.

Lock the Electricity Price

Protect your organization against
rising electric utility rates. Solar price is locked for 25 years. In the last 10 years PG&E rates have increase around 10% per year. No more price increase surprises. Under the Pay As You Go know the price.

Little to no Risk

Little to noo risk to your church, we put up all the money. You are not getting a loan.  If the solar system does not work, you don’t pay. You only pay for the power generated.

You have a choice. You can pay less for electricity and use the savings to expand your mission.

Under the Pay As You Go program you buy solar electricity at a substantially lower cost than the utility with no  up front money, a positive cash flow and without adding any debt while monetizing some of the solar tax incentives. We invest and build the system. Once the system is up and running you pay for the power generated.

Some of our customers


Solar Carports can help churhces by creating shade for cars and pedestrians


Church Solar Project for Golden Hills Community Church & School in Brentwood, CA


Church Solar Project for Liberty Christian Church in Bakersfield, CA

For a very long time electricity prices in California have increased at a faster rate than inflation

Is your church charged demand charges? 

Most likely your church is charged for the highest spike in electriciy consumption in the entire month. It's call demand charge and that spike can represent 50% of your bill. In a church the spike in electricity consumption typiclally occurs 2 hours before the morning service when you start all the AC units at once to cool down the main areas of use. That 15 minute window can cost you half of your bill. We can help you reduce or eliminate demand charges. Let us analyze your bill.


I am sure you know these great church leaders. This is what they have to say:

"This was a smart decision for our church. I fully recommend K12 Energy. Their whole team has been a pleasure to work with."

"Working with K12 was great. Once we get to make a decision it was not difficult to chose K12 Energy."

"I recommend K12 Energy if you are going solar. Every application is different but our experience was good"

"You and your team exceeded our expectations"

"We would be reducing the electricity consumption totaling several hundreds of thousands of dollars over 10 years"

We nothing but possitive things to say about K12 Energy. They provide first class service in a very consistent manner.

The x-ray of your electricity consumption

The X-Ray of your electricity consumption

We help provide you with deep insight on how and when you consume electricity.

Suggest energy savings without solar

We analyze your consumption down to the 15  minute interval and we mapy it to identify the peaks and durations so that together we can identify savings. Maybe some AC units are started too early in the day or are left on unnecessaryly. Our charts will help you identify them.

Demand Management

For some electric rates, up to half of the cost is driven the one 15 minute spike of consumption in the month. Our software can orchestrate the heating and air condition units to avoid overlapping start time to minimize peaks.

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Let's see how much your organization can save!

Free electric bill analysis: Find out how much your organization can save by reducing its dependency on the utility.




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