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7 benefits of LED lighting in commercial buildings

LED Lighting provides you a way to save money, operate more efficiently, and improve the customer and employee experience.

Lighting in a commercial building can accounts for up to 25% of a building's energy consumption. If all lighting systems are LED, this might even drop to values near 10%. 

LEDs still represents a considerable savings opportunity

 For example, consider 1,000 lamps which operate 200 hours per month:  1,000 linear fluorescent lamps with 96 watts / fixture will consume 19,200 kWh per month. 1,000 LED lamps with 54 watts / fixture will consume 10,800 kWh per month In this scenario, 8,400 kWh are saved each month. If the price of energy is $0.15 / kWh, this translates to $1,260 / month and $15,120 / year.

7 Reasons Why LED Lighting

  1. LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION. LED upgrades can generate as much as 75%-90% improvement in energy efficiency.
  2. LESS MAINTENANCE DUE TO IS LENGHTY LIFESPAN An LED light last 21 times longer than a traditional light bulb. The average lifespan of a traditional light bulb is 1,200 hours. An LED bulb averages 25,000 hours. In other words, you’d need to remove, buy and replace 21 traditional light bulbs compare 1 LED light bulb.
  3. CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES, MEMBERS POSITIVE MOODS. LED lights have a higher color temperature, which elevates employees’ positive moods and productivity. LED light systems are even used to treat depression. Also, researchers continue to understand the connection between mood and light.
  4. Best in show - With no UV emissions to break down the composition of art, LEDs are better for artistic product presentations.
  5. Efficiency doesn’t lessen with dimmers – LEDs becomes more efficient as the power is reduced. 
  6. Environmental safety – Fluorescent and mercury-vapor lights require special handling and disposal. LEDs are environmentally sound solutions and produce almost no UV emissions.
  7. Safety – LEDs are practically heatless. Traditional incandescent bulbs convert 90% of their energy to heat; the number one hazard with conventional lighting. 

Let's see how much your organization can save!

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